100 Year Anniversary

Irrigation Products

Proudly made in the USA

Since 1922


Travis Irrigation, a division of Travis Pattern and Foundry in Spokane, WA.

Travis Pattern offers a full line of irrigation products under such names as Wade Rain, A&M, Rainway, Felco, Western, Sonntag, Ames, Shur Rane, Moore Rane, Bolt Tite, and Webstermatic.

  • Wheel-Line and Hand-Line systems
  • Underground galvanized and epoxy-coated fittings
  • Valves, valve openers, strainers, and more!

We also have a variety of speciality fittings available to meet all of your needs. Our team of experts is fully-equipped to make sure that all of your irrigation needs are met. We can even build custom fittings for you!


Our History

Founded in 1922 by Paul N. Travis, Travis Pattern and Foundry began as a small business producing patterns for sand casting. As the company grew, nonferrous foundry operations were added and industrial castings became a major part of the business.

The company experienced significant growth in the 1970's when it began producing a proprietary line of irrigation products. Self-propelled irrigation systems were developed; then, as the product lines grew, casting operations increased and steel forming and galvanizing capabilities were added.

From the mid 1980's until the present, nonferrous casting operations have increased and more diverse product lines have been added. The acquisition of Product Design Unlimited in 1992 gave us the ability to provide a full range of substation connectors. This led to the deployment of Travis Utility Grounding Division (UGD).

Travis Pattern and Foundry has experienced immense changes since its inception. Travis supplies an extensive range of products to a growing number of customers all over the world. Our facility has prevailed among the most modern anywhere. We continue to update our production equipment to keep up with new technology and provide the highest quality products available.


Contact Us


1413 E. Hawthorne Rd.

Spokane, WA 99218


Our Team

  • Scott Chaffin
  • Sandy Shattuck
  • Cliff Wesner
  • Mike Pringle
  • Doug Morse
  • Greg Kampmann
  • Samantha Lundgren